Keeping up with the Joneses

The Mission is Simple: Great Design thru Collaboration

Whether your ready to make the first step or want to add the finishing touches, the Joneses will guide you through the design process inside and outside. Our body of design work ranges from creative use of existing space to complete renovations and remodels, as well as new construction, with a special attention to the most minute detail.

Andrew Jones

Lead Designer/Project Manager

(520) 270-3956

Insight and attention to detail is the foundation in which every design decision is made, regardless of scale or nature of our projects. A thoughtful direction intended to rethink how you live in your home. We understand that a well designed home is one that feels comfortable, layered, and assembled overtime. As community leaders in Business and Design with over 16 years of construction and design experience and a few mistakes along the way, We continue to guide client’s thru the steps of creating a memorable project with the best results, A house you can call HOME.

Tamar Moore

Lead Designer/Project Manager